Acrylic Nails Course

100% PRACTICAL COURSE - Basic - Advanced
It lasts 30 hours (1 day a week)
The acrylic nails course has been designed so that you can become an expert in this matter.
Upon completion of nail courses, you will leave with the knowledge, ability and confidence to perform a complete set of acrylic nails.
You will learn different techniques starting from the basics, the structure of the nail, to the advanced.
Some techniques you will learn are:
– Basic acrylic nail application.
– Acrylic nails with gel.
– Decoration and rhinestones
– Sculptural.
– Reverse technique.
– Colored acrylics and glitters.
– 3D.
– Encapsulated.
– Fill and remove nails and many more techniques.
The courses are available in Spanish, include kit and material and you can make weekly payments.
We have flexible schedules and we have four locations available, Los Angeles, Pomona, Van Nuys and Bakersfield CA.



Our students: