Brow Lamination

It is a semi-permanent treatment that is applied to the eyebrow hair and achieves an upward “combed” brow effect, smoothing the most unruly hair and setting the desired shape.

It is done in several steps with products that are responsible for softening the hair and making it manageable, fixing and smoothing it chemically.

The last step is to apply a lotion that hydrates and nourishes the area. It is also possible, if desired, to complete the service with the eyebrow tint for a more intense result.

Aftercare is simple, the eyebrows should not be wet in the 24 hours after the treatment and it is enough to keep them hydrated. The course includes the kit and material and lasts 6 hours.


The dollar amounts detailed in each beauty course is the amount to reserve your space. This reservation already includes in the total of the course.

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